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Nevada Gold Rush History And Mining Locations

March 13, 2017

Nevada Gold Rush History And Mining Locations

Nevada gold rush historyLarge scale gold mining started with the California Gold Rush in 1848 but it only lasted for only about 7 years. The greatest modern day gold mining in the United States nowadays occurs in Nevada. In fact, Nevada is the leading state in terms of gold production and certainly one of the largest sources of gold in the world. In 2015, Nevada produced more than 166 tons of gold worth about $6.194 billion. It represented 78% of all gold produced across the United States. It is an impressive record especially for a state better known for its silver production in the 19th century, the Nevada Gold Rush is not just a story in the history book, it is real and happening still today.

One of the first gold discoveries in the state happened near Gold Canyon. In 1961 the Newmont Mining Corporation found a large deposit of low grade gold, Nevada started to make its name into one of the richest states in the country. Even if you are not a commercial/professional miner, you still pretty much feel the excitement of the Nevada Gold Rush today. The vast public lands in the state offer opportunities for everyone to make a lot of money from gold. One of the best places for gold prospecting in Nevada is Humboldt County as the precious metal can be found throughout the county. In fact, many modern prospectors still work in the area. Other places include:

  • Dutch Flats
  • Rebel Creek
  • Winnemucca Districts
  • Varyville
  • Paradise Valley
  • Gold Run
  • The Awakening
  • Warm Spring Districts

Gold panning was not the best technique to extract gold during the Nevada Gold Rush. Instead of using a pan, hard rock mining prospectors choose to utilize the pick andshovel used in lode mining. Today, metal detectors are used to locate veins so chances are early prospectors missed a lot of good spots.

nevada gold rush artNevada makes an ideal place for gold prospecting thanks to its wide sparsely-populated open area, but it is not without its downsides. Water can be hard to find in many places, and the climate is harsh most of the time. If you like extreme outdoor adventure, you might as well carry a metal detector in your bag. Gold is abundant in Nevada, so that odd-shaped rock that you kick out of your way may lead you to a multi-million dollar gold mine. Outdoor adventure in Nevada is challenging with all the mountain lions and snakes, so make sure you wear protective gear and use caution.