Below are some testimonials from people in the gold prospecting and mining industry we asked to review our maps. If you have a testimonial you’d like to share, please send it to us so we can post it on this page.

The key to successful prospecting is education and research! Gold Maps Online is by far the best time saving, gold prospecting tool we’ve ever had the pleasure of finding. Easy and fun to use, even for a PC challenged prospector like me. We highly recommend you avail yourself of these fine gold panning maps. It is an important responsibility to know where you are prospecting and naturally no one wants to be inadvertently claim jumping. Gold Maps Online gives you the tools to know where you are for sure and to be able to zero right in on the “hot spots.” These Gold Panning Maps are available for all the Rocky Mountain States that we take field trips to! Well worth it, no prospector should be without these gold panning maps in your research library!

Johnny Walker, President
Rocky Mountain Tourism, LLC


Gold Maps Online
A review by Alan Chenworth
Author: A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah

I’ve spent the last few weeks messing around with Gold Maps Online, a mineral/claim location program that I downloaded off the internet. This program shows all the areas with mining claims in a state by state selection, and shows the location of these claims in full-section detail. In short, Gold Maps Online is a whole new way to view the BLM mining claims data.

Gold Maps Online fills a much needed niche in the prospecting market. The maps they provide are both informative and useful. As a prospector, I must admit that it has already pointed the way to some areas that I intend to prospect.


My name is Ken. I’m the owner/president of Alaskan Prospectors. I own 27 mining claims in Alaska and California where I dredge and pan for gold along with some small scale hard-rock mining. Recently I visited family in New Jersey and being away from the claims, took the time to do some online research and came across your website. It was like leading a hog to the trough. I found so much useful information. Unlike other gold mapping sites, the information was current and surprisingly accurate. The staff was extremely quick to respond to my questions and informative. I used the information I bought off of your site to find and post several claims in Idaho and Oregon. Imagine this — this is what I found. A few abandoned mining claims previously owned by old family miners and held since 1946. A few years back the owners apparently passed away. The kids, I think, had no interest in the claims and didn’t pay the fees. They let the claims expire so I snatched them up. With this service you can find and own your own prime mining claims. Thank you Gold Maps Online.

Ken Bunkley, President
Alaskan Prospectors