Our Seward Meridian gold map shows there are currently 12,715 active gold mining claims, and 4,750 abandoned claims located on state lands. Much of this southwest quadrant of Alaska has heavy concentrations of gold and other minerals but is often only assessable by airplane. There are, however, some highways that will get you to the gold as well.

Seward Gold Map When you first open our Seward gold map you notice active and abandoned claims just about everywhere. There is a lot of gold here for those willing to live in the wilderness for several months each year. As mentioned, there are also pockets of gold reachable by car, truck or RV. Be sure to take everything you need because once you are onsite there is little opportunity to drive to a local store for supplies.
Seward Gold Map Now zoom in about 15 miles south of Anchorage to a small historic mining town called Hope Alaska. Hope is located on the northeast shore of the Kenai Peninsula and is accessible by vehicle using the Seward Highway out of Anchorage, and there is a lot of gold to be found here—onshore as well as offshore. Bearing Sea Gold™ fans might note that Hope is also a popular location for offshore dredging.
Seward Gold Map Zoom in further still and you can see unclaimed sections of river just southwest of Sunrise on the Hope Highway. The claim boundaries and acreage we show are accurate and should be what you find on the ground. Click on any claim for ownership information. Take the owners name and MTRS value to the Alaska Department of Mineral Resources for contact info if you want to lease a claim.
Seward Gold Map Still looking at the Hope Alaska area, turn on the Google Earth™ overlay entitled Parks and Recreation within the More folder. You will discover there are several campgrounds and parks you can establish as your base in this area, or you can get off the beaten path and set up camp in more wild areas. Bring your guns though because you are in Grizzly Bear, wolf and moose country.

Seward Gold Mining Notes: None of the images above show just how close you can zoom in and see potential prospecting sites. You’ll be amazed at how crisp the satellite imagery is and how much exploring and planning you can do from the comfort of your home.

Seward Active & Abandoned Gold Mining Claims Map
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